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Gicar | October 2019

The new 100W Switching Power Supply

Finally available, UL and IEC certified!

GICAR offers a wide range of power supplies to meet all market requirements regarding the supply control of electronic boards and devices.
The available models are: Linear Power Supply and Switching Power Supply.

The available solutions meet specific market needs: always more efficient, with smaller sizes and in compliance with the latest regulations regarding energy saving and related to the consumption in stand-by mode. So Gicar developed a power supply series AC/DC to meet all these requirements, starting from medium low power solutions (20 W) to 180 W.

The complete series of the switching power supply are certified according to the IEC EN 60335-1 standard (Household and similar electrical appliances – Safety), IEC 60950-1 standard (Information Tecnology Equipment – Safety) and UL60950-1 standard (Information Tecnology Equipment – Safety).

The different models have been developed in two manufacturing techniques of the electronic circuit: Flyback Topology and Resonant Topology.

Flyback Topology
It’s the most common manufacturing type for the switching controls and it can support a wide supply range. Another feature of this series is that the minimum absorption is less than half Watt (Stand By compliant). The typical efficiency is around 80%.
The latest model of this family: 20 W with full range tension (100-240 Vac).

Resonant Topology
This family was developed according to the technique of the LLC resonant topology.
This solution can grant a 90% performance and was developed on high power products.
Available versions: at 70 W, 100 W, 110 W, 150 W and W180 W with 110 Vac and/or 230 Vac, as per combinations shown in the data-sheets.

Source: Gicar


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