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Gicar | May 2022

The expansion and improvement of the industrial area of Gicar continues

Gicar continues to grow. Gicar is obviously proud of this, but growth also means new challenges, starting with the need for new spaces and better organized departments. In this view, in the last year, despite the difficulties related to the pandemic and the unavailability of so many components, Gicar has completed an important restructuring plan of the historic plant which, in addition to the construction of the new operational unit for a total area of six thousand square meters covered area and uncovered area, completes the development plan of the industrial area, with the aim of enabling Gicar to face the next few years with a more than adequate industrial structure.

But the work carried out does not consist only of adding space to the production departments and warehouses, certainly useful for managing an ever-increasing volume of production, but also and above all in the optimization of logistical flows and the refurbishment of some strategic departments. The flow of materials, from the arrival of the components to the transformation up to the shipment of ended products, is now continuous and linear, also thanks to the important innovation of having separate outlets for the acceptance of components and for the shipment of products. This translates into greater process efficiency and greater safety at work.

Some departments, such as Product Completion and Packaging, have been moved to new areas and with the occasion entirely restructured in terms of internal organization, equipment and technological solutions for product protection.

A great commitment, which will bring benefits to customers to guarantee business continuity.

Source: Gicar


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The expansion and improvement of the industrial area of Gicar continues
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