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Gicar | March 2023


Gicar announces that it has activated, in collaboration with its technological partner OPIQUAD, Digital Quality Factory, a latest generation fiber optic connection at its headquarters in Merate.

This type of connection, called XGS-PON (10 Gigabit-Capable Passive Optical Network), is a data transmission technology that uses optical fiber to provide high-speed services, and which can reach 10Gbps symmetrical (download and upload).

This technology has significant energy savings compared to other data transmission technologies such as ADSL or VDSL. This is possible thanks to the fact that the XGS-PON optical fiber uses a passive technology, i.e. there are no active components that consume energy for data transmission (with distances up to 20km). For this reason, the new XGS-PON fiber is considered the greenest, as well as the fastest, at the moment in Europe.

The new connection is efficient, fast and safe, moreover, in addition to WEB browsing, it allows Gicar to improve its services such as Email, VPN, Videoconferences, Teleassistance and finally allows the duplication of its backups at the OPIQUAD datacenter.

Given the nature of his work, Gicar requires an advanced IT infrastructure, especially in the production area and in the logistics area. In the production area, the IT component is practically always present in its plants, both for operational management and for data collection qualitative, and also in the logistics area the extensive use of automatic vertical warehouses requires presence.

This organizational configuration, which closely links operations to the availability of IT services, has forced the ICT department to also undertake a path that would guarantee operational continuity for the company, and even in this case it has moved towards latest generation solutions.

Server virtualization was the first step. In addition to the security inherent in the system, this solution has made it possible to assign each supplier its own dedicated server, in order to avoid software conflicts as happened in the past; in addition, quick system restores and easy maintenance can be performed. The other fundamental aspect was to guarantee the continuity of service of the LAN (Local Area Network) infrastructure. We have equipped ourselves with 10 Gbps fiber optic backbones that connect all the network concentrator cabinets scattered throughout the company; moreover, by adopting the SPANNING TREE communication protocol, all the backbones are redundant in order to always guarantee the reaching of the servers and therefore the operations.

In summary, this fiber optic connection, the greenest and fastest on the market, together with the solutions specifically adopted for business continuity and which make use of this technology, marks the completion of a technological innovation process undertaken some years ago, which will allow to Gicar to face the next challenges with serenity.

We conclude by welcoming the thought of Emile Christopher Chalouhi, President and co-CEO of OPIQUAD: “We are really happy to be able to contribute to this path of technological innovation of our historic customer Gicar. We have always followed its growth closely, proposing and studying custom solutions together, in the spirit of our purpose “We transform the existing into digital quality” and with one of our nine values “We work dynamically to meet customer needs .

Source: Gicar


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