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Gicar | September 2023

Gicar turns 60: a successful company story

Gicar turns 60. An important anniversary that celebrates the characteristic features of the company: the utmost attention to customer needs and the leaning for constant evolution. A long success story, which began way back in 1963 and is destined to develop further, thanks to the presence of the Italian market and constant growth at an international level. The great experience in the coffee machine sectors, mainly in the Horeca world, allows us to continue to offer tailor-made, innovative, reliable and where possible cost effective products.

“This is not a simple anniversary – comments Donatella Arlati, President of the company – it is not a normal extra year of activity that we have behind us, but it is a confirmation: although we are experiencing a historical moment that is anything but prosperous for the ‘Italy and for a large part of the world, we continue to be on our feet, we are on the market and, above all, we manage to do so in an effective and competitive way.

I would like to extend a special thank you to all the employees who contributed to this important milestone. Perhaps it is superfluous to underline it, but in the cogs of the corporate “machine” the role of each of you is and will always be decisive, and we want to express our gratitude to you for your commitment.

A heartfelt and sincere thank you also goes to our customers, for the trust they have placed in us by choosing our products. Every company is a mix of factors: the owners, who courageously invest in the company, the employees, who keep it “alive” with their work every day, and the technology, organisation, know-how and much more anything else, but in the “machine” that is the company, customers are and will always be the fuel that makes it move.

Thanks to our suppliers, irreplaceable partners in achieving our goals. Staying on the market has never been as complicated as it is today, we know this very well, and if we are succeeding it is also thanks to you, the suppliers.

This goal is just one stage of a journey that began 60 years ago that we will continue to follow with the passion and tenacity that distinguishes us.

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