Purchasing - A strategic service

A strategic service

In a constantly evolving sector such as the electronic one, the Purchasing function takes on an increasingly strategic role. The Gicar Purchasing Office works in partnership with the main world-wide manufacturers and distributors of components and is therefore always informed about innovative products, thus being able to anticipate market trends. Furthermore, with an intense scouting activity for new suppliers, carried out with participation in sector exhibitions and B2B events, it makes its supplier base increasingly efficient and effective. Also with the collaboration of Marketing and R&D, it evaluates and chooses the best quality/price/service ratio, in order to transfer every advantage to customers.

Purchasing - The complexity of the supply chain

The complexity of the supply chain

The production chain of electronic components has become global and complex, with components coming from different parts of the world. The international situation has also complicated transport which is more expensive and has longer delivery times. This requires purchasing departments to have a deep understanding of the market, to be able to identify and select the right suppliers and to manage complex relationships.

Purchasing - Material Requirements Planning

Material Requirements Planning

In the current business context, production efficiency is a very important factor; to achieve this objective, planning of material requirements with the support of software systems based on MRP II (Manufacturing Resources Planning) is essential.

Gicar has been using this methodology for three decades and today, given the complex international situation of component procurement, it enjoys the benefits of this methodology even more.

Purchasing - Regulatory compliance and sustainability

Regulatory compliance and sustainability

The electronics sector is subject to many international regulations, such as those relating to product safety and environmental protection. Gicar is very attentive to ethical issues and sustainability. The Purchasing Office ensures that suppliers comply with regulations and selects suppliers who share these values and adopt sustainable practices.