Organization, management and control model for crime prevention

Legislative Decree 231/2001 incorporates in the Italian legislation Conventions and Protocols of the OSCE and European Conformity relating to the administrative responsibility of companies.
Against the presence of heavy penalties, such as confiscation and disqualification from exercising normal business activities, an effective crime prevention methodology is necessary, based on the analysis of the risks of committing the crimes to which the decree applies, the so-called predicate offenses. The methodology takes the form of a system, known as the Organization, Management and Control Model, which analyzes company processes to identify the moments in which a crime can materialize and to establish preventive countermeasures. All starting from the Code of Ethics, which summarizes the reference values for the company.
Gicar, which has always made business ethics a pillar of management, has embraced this legislation as an opportunity to give systematic and official status to established corporate practice. It therefore formalized the guiding principles in the Code of Ethics, developed the Organization, Management and Control Model and appointed the Supervisory Body, which has the task of supervising compliance with the Model by all the actors involved, as well as maintaining it updated to the development of corporate life and legislation. It has structured the Organization, Management and Control Model with the typical elements of management systems: the Policy, ie the Code of Ethics, the audits conducted by the Supervisory Body, the review, a disciplinary system. It was therefore not difficult for the AGCM, the Competition and Market Authority, to issue Gicar the Legality Rating, which constitutes an important third party certification. Gicar has thus added a further element to the proverbial reliability that is recognized by the market. Less risk of committing crimes, less risk of disqualification and other convictions, as well as a third-party certification equate to more peace of mind for customers.